Last September, the Office of the Chief Rabbi released a 33-page Guide to make Orthodox schools responsible for the wellbeing of all their students entitled “The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools.” From May 10-19, Eshel is bringing the co-authors, Dr. Benjamin Ellis and Dalia Fleming of KeshetUK, to five U.S. cities.


Wellbeing Tour

Dalia FlemingDalia Fleming is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and programme manager, drawing upon a strong volunteer and local government background. In her role as KeshetUK’s first Executive Director, she works to build constructive, supportive relationships with organisations across the Jewish community, accepting that each group comes from a different starting point. From London, England, Dalia was brought up in a modern Orthodox household, graduating from the University of Nottingham and the London School of Economics.

Dr. Benjamin Ellis divides his time between medical work as a Rheumatologist and as Senior Clinical Policy Advisor to a national non-profit, Versus Arthritis. As a volunteer, Benjamin helped establish and is now chair of KeshetUK, the organisation working so that no one should ever have to choose between their LGBT+ and Jewish identity. Benjamin grew up in an Orthodox family in Leeds, England, then studied for two years at Yeshivat Har Etzion before completing degrees at Cambridge then University College London. 

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Boston: May 10-12

 Chicago: May 12-13

  • 5/12- Dinner Reception with Community Leaders and Allies, Lake View East: 6:00pm
  • 5/12- The Wellbeing of All Our Teens: Presentation and Discussion + Dessert at Private Home, Lake View: 8:30pm

Los Angeles: May 13-14

  • 5/13- Dinner Reception with Community Leaders and Allies, Beverlywood: 6:00pm
  • 5/13- The Wellbeing of All Our Teens: Presentation and Discussion at Private Home, TBA: 8:00pm

DC: May 14-16

New York: May 16-19

Wellbeing Tour