Eshel’s mission is to build LGBTQ+ inclusive Orthodox Jewish communities.


Eshel envisions a world where LGBTQ+ people and their families are full participants in the Orthodox community of their choice.


How Eshel achieves its mission:

  • Community Eshel builds community for its LGBTQ+ individuals and their families so that they can break isolation, grow, and thrive.
  • Support Eshel supports LGBTQ+ Orthodox Jewish individuals and families through our warmline, support groups, mentoring, and community network.
  • Education Eshel raises awareness and sensitivity amongst Orthodox religious and communal leaders, educators and guidance counselors on how to address the needs of their LGBTQ+ members through consultations and trainings.
  • Advocacy Eshel advocates for LGBTQ+ individuals within the larger Orthodox community so that they can be included in Orthodox communities.


For Support, Call Our Warmline

(724) 374-3501

(724) ESHEL01

Speak to someone directly: Tue/Wed 5:30-8:00PM ET
Leave a voicemail or text 24/7

Or send a confidential email to: support@eshelonline.org

For General Inquiries: email info@eshelonline.org

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