Support for Parents

Has your child recently come out to you as LGBTQ?
Are you struggling to accept your child’s gender or sexual identity?
Do you want to make your community a safer place for your LGBTQ child?
Have you thought about talking to your Rabbi about your LGBTQ child but don’t know how?

Eshel supports Orthodox parents of LGBTQ children in all these areas – and more.

Individual Support

Call our warmline and leave a message (724 374-3501) or email to speak to a member of our staff.

Support Groups

Eshel offers the following groups for parents to find support and build community with one another: virtual drop-in, phone-in group, parent chaburah group, and parents of trans and nonbinary children support group. Visit our event calendar to see the dates of all of our groups, as well as local events. Sign up below for more details.

Annual Parent Retreat

Eshel’s Annual Parent Retreat brings nearly 100 Orthodox parents of LGBTQ children from around the country together for a shabbat of community, learning, and support each May.

For Support, Call Our Warmline

(724) 374-3501

(724) ESHEL01

Speak to someone directly: Tue/Wed 5:30-8:00PM ET
Leave a voicemail or text 24/7

Or send a confidential email to:

For General Inquiries: email

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