Monthly Eshel Support Groups

Eshel Local Support Groups
Do you think you might be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, or queer? Do you have questions about sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you thinking about “coming out”? Are you struggling to stay in your community? Are you unsure how to approach your rabbi about these topics? Do you want to meet other people like you?

Eshel offers several sources of support for LGBTQ+ Orthodox Jews, their families, and their communities. For notifications and sign-in information, please register here. (You only need to register one time for any group.)

Eshel Chapters in Cities across the US and Canada
Baltimore/DC (parents, LGBTQ)
New York Women’s Meetup
Chicago (parents, LGBTQ)
Long Island
Los Angeles
North New Jersey
St. Louis

National Phone-In Groups
Orthodox Parents of LGBTQ people
LGTBQ People
Orthodox Parents with Children of Trans Experience

The Eshel family is big and sometimes there are meetings in other cities for socializing and support. Check back to our events page or subscribe to our newsletter.

Want to create an Eshel Chapter in Your City?

Let us know and we will help you. Contact us at

In addition to finding us on Facebook and Twitter, you can call us any time from anywhere for a consultation:



If you are in the New York area, Eshel staff are available to support you with an in-person meeting, resources, and referrals. Contact to schedule a meeting.