Resources for Day Schools

Through a generous grant from the Micah Foundation, Eshel works with Jewish day schools to create a more inclusive, safe learning environment for students through conversations with Rabbis, educators, students, and parents.

Rabbi Ari Segal, Head of School Shalhevet High School | Builders of Jewish  Education

What We Do

For Administrators:

  • Consult with administrators to manage immediate crises
  • Provide administrators with resources and develop action plans to prevent crises
  • Help frame school policies and statements of well-being for students
  • Address related issues such as bullying, verbal and psychological abuse, and other challenges
  • Provide ongoing support in addressing day-to-day challenges as they arise
  • Engage local Rabbis and Jewish community professionals when appropriate

For Educators:

  • Provide individualized training for educators, Judaics teachers, and health professionals, and other groups of faculty 
  • Help faculty have a better understanding of gender and sexual identity as it relates to their student population
  • Educate faculty about mental health and safety issues for LGBTQ students and the general population of the school
  • Train faculty in recognizing and supporting students’ mental health and safety needs

For Parents and Students:

  • Provide resources on use of inclusive language, raise awareness of the presence of LGBTQ students and families within the community
  • Help and advise students who want to create safe spaces in their schools
  • Facilitate conversations between faculty, parents, students, board member
The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: AGuide for Orthodox Jewish Schools | Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis produced with LGBT+ Jews

Over the last year, KeshetUK has worked together with Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Jewish schools and Jewish LGBT+ people to produce a groundbreaking report ‘The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools’.

The purpose of this Guide is to reduce harm to LGBT+ young people in the Jewish community. Designed with practical application in mind, the Guide is split into clear chapters and appendices that cover:

  • The challenges that can be faced by some young people who might be struggling to reconcile their LGBT+ and Jewish identity
  • The use of appropriate language, and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying
  • How to provide pastoral support to LGBT+ young people
  • A review of UK equalities legislation and schools’ inspection criteria
  • A glossary of current LGBT+ terminology
  • How to have supportive conversations with LGBT+ young people

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