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Eshel works with Jewish day schools to create a more inclusive, safe learning environment for students through conversations with Rabbis, educators, students, and parents.


Rabbi Ari Segal, Head of School Shalhevet High School | Builders of Jewish Education

What We Do

For Administrators:

  • Consult with administrators to manage immediate crises
  • Provide administrators with resources and develop action plans to prevent crises
  • Help frame school policies and statements of well-being for students
  • Address related issues such as bullying, verbal and psychological abuse, and other challenges
  • Provide ongoing support in addressing day-to-day challenges as they arise
  • Engage local Rabbis and Jewish community professionals when appropriate

For Educators:

  • Provide individualized training for educators, Judaics teachers, and health professionals, and other groups of faculty 
  • Help faculty have a better understanding of gender and sexual identity as it relates to their student population
  • Educate faculty about mental health and safety issues for LGBTQ students and the general population of the school
  • Train faculty in recognizing and supporting students’ mental health and safety needs

For Parents and Students:

  • Provide resources on use of inclusive language, raise awareness of the presence of LGBTQ students and families within the community
  • Help and advise students who want to create safe spaces in their schools
  • Facilitate conversations between faculty, parents, students, board member
The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: AGuide for Orthodox Jewish Schools | Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis produced with LGBT+ Jews

Over the last year, KeshetUK has worked together with Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Jewish schools and Jewish LGBT+ people to produce a groundbreaking report ‘The Wellbeing of LGBT+ Pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools’.

The purpose of this Guide is to reduce harm to LGBT+ young people in the Jewish community. Designed with practical application in mind, the Guide is split into clear chapters and appendices that cover:

  • The challenges that can be faced by some young people who might be struggling to reconcile their LGBT+ and Jewish identity
  • The use of appropriate language, and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying
  • How to provide pastoral support to LGBT+ young people
  • A review of UK equalities legislation and schools’ inspection criteria
  • A glossary of current LGBT+ terminology
  • How to have supportive conversations with LGBT+ young people


Consider including:


[Our School] supports and respects all of our students. We will not expel, dismiss, suspend or otherwise discipline students for coming out and being open about their gender identity or sexual orientation.



No member of [Our School]’s administration, faculty, or student body will be permitted to harass or discriminate against any student on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.



[Our School] will not recommend, refer, or pressure students towards “reparative” or “conversion therapy.”


[Our School] will strive to connect students struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity with the support services that they need. If appropriate services cannot be found on school grounds, we will connect students with such opportunities outside of the school.



Being open about one’s sexual orientation will not preclude full participation in religious activities. [Our School] will provide closeted, and “out” students with religious guidance as they need it, with staff who are trained to help teens manage the coming-out process and its integration with religious values.


An applicant’s or a parent’s gender identity or sexual orientation will not have a negative impact on the admission process for [Our School].

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