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In 2021 Eshel’s Warmline provided resources, counseling, and emotional support through over 500 phone calls and emails correspondences with people struggling as members of the LGBTQ Orthodox Jewish community and Orthodox Parents of LGBTQ youth. We provided over 5700 minutes of counseling, and an additional 2500 minutes of offline support including sending referrals. About 64% of our counseling was for LGBTQ people, 30% was parents and relatives of LGBTQ people, and the remaining 6% was divided between community leaders, rabbis, educators, and allies who need our support too. Eshel gave 3795 minutes of phone and zoom support one-on-one, and every month provides about 19800 minutes of group support in our various Zoom and in-person groups. Show your support for the Warmline and help support our community!

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