Parents, It’s OK to Be Human

By Richard Dweck

This weekend I was privileged to be asked to be facilitator at the National Eshel Retreat for Orthodox Jewish parents of LGBT children. I am so impressed by the courageous stories these parents shared of having an LGBT child. Many parents are afraid of reaching out for support and carry a heavy burden of shame and secrecy. Seeking out support aids them in becoming better loving parents and signifies the love and commitment they have toward their children. It allows them a healthier existence, and can heavily impact the mental and physical well being of these precious LGBT human beings.

Moreover, this allows them to be better parents and learn ways of supporting their child. As one of these children, it’s eye opening to understand what a parent experiences when they find out they have an LGBT child. Parents love their children unconditionally, but sometimes need the tools of how to show it. When a child doesn’t match a parents expectations, they are thrown off course and can result in a child feeling isolated, hurt, and unloved. If you are a parent or know a parent struggling, share this wonderful organization (Eshel) , and let them know it’s ok to admit they don’t know. They need to know they are not alone and allow themselves the permission to be human. They have monthly support calls and meetings to help learn from one another.

Let’s get the conversation started. You and your child/children are the most important people of all. A child’s coming out can create a huge strain on your relationship with your spouse and family. You and your family are way more important than the community that surrounds you. Put your priorities in order. Love yourselves enough to take the next step!

Richard Dweck

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