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Eshel High School Pledge

Developed by Micha Thau and Rabbi Ari Segal of Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles.

*Our School* strives to be a nurturing and inclusive environment for all of our students. The administration, faculty, and students of *Our School* commit to upholding the values of kavod habriyot and derekh eretz in our relationships with each other. We commit generally to the values of inclusion and make the following pledge to our students

NO EXPULSION:*Our School* supports and respects all of our students. We will not expel, dismiss, suspend or otherwise discipline students for coming out and being open about their gender identity or sexual orientation.

NO BULLYING: No member of *Our School*’s administration, faculty, or student body will be permitted to harass or discriminate against any student on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

NO REPARATIVE THERAPY: *Our School* will not recommend, refer, or pressure students towards “reparative” or “conversion therapy.”

SUPPORT: *Our School* will strive to connect students struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity with the support services that they need. If appropriate services cannot be found on school grounds, we will connect students with such opportunities outside of the school.

INTEGRATION: Being open about one’s sexual orientation will not preclude full involvement in religious activities. *Our School* will provide closeted, and “out” students with religious guidance as they need it, with staff who are trained to help teens manage the coming-out process and its integration with religious values.

OPEN ADMISSION: An applicant’s or a parent’s gender identity or sexual orientation will not have a negative impact on the admission process for *Our School*.