Eshel is partnering with Go2Films and Rabbi Mordechai Vardi, to bring his groundbreaking film, “MarryMe, However” to North American audiences.

Marry Me However

About Marry Me However

The documentary tells the story of three gay men and one women who marry against their orientation in order to fulfill religious and cultural expectations. We hear painful accounts of confusion, deception, anger and guilt. What the film exposes is that both the gay partners and their straight spouses are victims of halakhic and social standards that leave no approved coupled life for gay people and in doing so invite devastating consequences.

Eshel’s Role

Eshel is conducting post-screening conversations with the filmmaker, Rabbi Mordechai Vardi, along with other panelists, some who have lived experiences similar to those in the film and others who can bring perspective and context the questions it raises. If you are interested in bringing this groundbreaking film to your community, please reach out to us at


Your Support

The film explores the lives Orthodox-Jewish LGBTQ+ members who willingly choose to marry heterosexuals and raise a heteronormative family, obeying the rules of their societies while denying their own identities. Help Eshel spread the word and make LGBTQ+-inclusive communities.

Mordechai Vardi

The Director’s Statement

The attitude towards LGBT people is a challenge of accepting the different, in the most extreme sense, because it concerns our sexuality of us all. My two daughters went out on dates with devout gay yeshiva boys. My experience with my students who got married and then came out of the closet and divorced led me to make this film, especially in light of the fact that my two daughters went out with religious gays.The big innovation I found is the disaster of the women who married gays. In many cases their lives were ruined. They lost confidence in their femininity and lost the belief that they could bring a man a sexual attraction towards them. Many times they have children and have difficulty finding a religious partner who will agree to raise with them children whose father is gay. They can get stuck for many years after divorce without a relationship.I want to bring their voice to the people that society and the religious environment have caused them to marry in the opposite way by nature, with a partner who can not give them what they really need, neither physically nor emotionally. And children growing up into a distorted family system.Although the film deals with Orthodox Jewish society, it is a universal theme, because in all religions around the world same-sex marriage is forbidden, and all over the world LGBT people try to disguise their identity by “normative marriage.

About Mordechai Vardi

Mordechai Vardi (62) graduated Master’s degree, in Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. Was the head of the screenwriting department at the”MAALE” Film School in for 20 years. He has produced and directed documentaries for various channels


Directing short feature films: Question to Rabbi [9 minutes],Shomer Yisrael [15minutes],Marry me [15 minutes]

2007-Writing a Long Fiction Script-Halaka

Directing documentaries:
2010-Chasing the Shadow (Channel 2)
2014-Mother is not crazy (Yes Docu)
2016-The Field (Channel 8HOT)2018-Returning Light (8HOT Channel)
2020-Short docu-Seder night in question mark (Channel 8HOT)
2020-Marry Me However (Channel 8HOT)

Upcoming Screenings

Miami Jewish Film Festival

April 14-29, 2021

Israel Film Festival of Philadelphia

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If you are interested in bringing this groundbreaking film to your community, please reach out to us at