Eshel Internships


Caring for LGBTQ Jews, their Families, and Allies in Need,  A joint project of JQ International and Eshel – Los Angeles, California


Two 10 hours-a-week, nine month internships to offer lifesaving services and affect the future of LGBTQ Jews and their families. One internship supports the needs of the JQ International Warmline and the other supports the needs of Eshel. Ten hours a week is allotted to each program (See below for program descriptions of The JQ Warmline Project of JQ International and Eshel). The Intern for the JQ Warmline will engage in direct support services with callers, ongoing resource development, and outreach to the Jewish community in Los Angeles. The Intern for Eshel will engage in outreach and programming in the Orthodox community.


JQ International and Eshel provide support, advocacy, and programming for LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies. In the case of Eshel, the specific population is Orthodox and formerly Orthodox.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented; self-motivated, able to multi-task, perform under pressure, and complete projects within time deadlines
  • Excellent organizational and community outreach skills
  • Reliable and flexible as a key part of a team
  • Ability to work collaboratively to develop programs and coordinate services
  • Ability to work well with a wide range of community members and at, all levels of organizations, to provide and gather information with clarity, diplomacy, and tact
  • Fluency in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, DropBox, and ability to learn and use other software programs as necessary including a messaging platform such as Constant Contact or WordPress
  • Fluency in social media platforms including as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Knowledge of LGBTQ issues. (You do not need to be LGBTQ yourself – Allies welcome)
  • For the Eshel internship: knowledge of and comfort with the Orthodox Jewish community. (You do not need to be Orthodox yourself – Allies welcome)
  • Volunteer or professional experience working in or on behalf of the LGBTQ and or the Jewish Los Angeles community

The JQ Warmline Intern will report regularly to Dr. Joel L. Kushner, Director of the Institute for Judaism, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or, Director of the JQ Warmline. Rabbi Bat-Or is able to provide supervision hours for MFT and LCSW interns.

The Eshel Intern will report to Miryam Kabakov, Co-executive Director of Eshel, and as needed with Dr. Joel L. Kushner.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.



We are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Jewish & Ally community. We build and strengthen a community that nurtures a healthy fusion of LGBTQ and Jewish identities. We create programs and services which offer LGBTQ Jews, their friends, families, and loved ones the opportunity connect with each other while fostering a strong sense of self. JQ International also encourages and strengthens leadership, activism, and social action amongst our members in order to continue creating not only a vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ Jewish community, but also the best possible community at large.

The JQ Warmline is the only inclusive resource and social service referral line specifically designed to serve LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies in the United States. The JQ Warmline creates a new reality ensuring that our whole community has open and easy access to the resources and social service referrals that both affirm and fulfill our unique needs. It offers the following types of resources and social service referrals: on mental, physical, and sexual health, inclusive educational institutions, welcoming religious and spiritual communities, information on sexual orientation and gender identity, aging, and social connections to name a few.


  • Complete all sessions of Volunteer/Intern Training
  • Answer calls and emails from JQ Warmline inquiries, providing inclusive resources and social service referrals to LGBTQ Jews, their families, and allies
  • Follow-up with callers when necessary
  • Develop and maintain the resource database including the identification of new resources as needed
  • Develop and maintain the database of referrals and client contacts
  • Help to support the donor and development process

(Call us at 855-JQI-HELPS (855-574-4577) or email at 


For immediate consideration, please email your resume and a cover letter by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16th to Dr. Joel Kushner ( and Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or ( Please note “Intern Opportunity” in your email subject line.

Candidates selected for employment are subject to a background check.



Our mission is to create community and acceptance for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Jews and their families in Orthodox communities. Founded in June of 2010, Eshel provides hope and a future for Orthodox LGBT women, men, and teens. Eshel accomplishes its goals in a number of ways. Eshel trains its members to speak out and act as advocates for LGBT Orthodox people and their families; Eshel creates bridges into Orthodox communities to foster understanding and support; through community gatherings Eshel helps LGBT Orthodox people pursue meaningful lives that encompass seemingly disparate identities while also fulfilling Jewish values around family, education, culture, and spirituality.  Eshel’s work has gained national recognition and broad media coverage for its innovative mission and unique reach.


  • Complete all required trainings
  • Market the various support and social groups started by Eshel designed for LGBTQ Orthodox, formerly Orthodox individuals who are in need of support or those who gravitate towards traditional Judaism in an LGBTQ affirmative space and their family members
  • Conduct community outreach and education in conjunction with Eshel’s outreach model to the Orthodox community in order to educate and organize on behalf of Orthodox and formerly Orthodox LGBTQ members and families
  • Help implement and support existing programs for adults, teens, community leaders, and educators, as well as create additional programs as needed as outreach to Orthodox Jewish communities in the Los Angeles area
  • Be the primary connection for Orthodox Jews who call the JQ Warmline.
  • Connect with the Los Angeles Orthodox community and beyond in order to find LGBTQ welcoming Orthodox resources and referrals for Warmline callers.
  • Provide consultations to Jewish community organizations related to creating LGBTQ welcoming organizations
  • Help to support the donor and development process


Orthodox lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Jews come from a variety of Jewish, religious affiliations (Chasidic, Modern Orthodox, Yeshivish etc.) each with different norms and degrees of permeability from the outside world. They also encompass a range of gender identities and sexual orientations. Their ethnicities for the most part have been Ashkenazi although we encounter and welcome Syrian, Sephardic, and Mizrahi LGBTQ Orthodox Jews as well. There  are a number of Jews by choice in this population and those who are seeking to undergo religious conversion.

A common characteristic of this population is that, because of their sexual and gender orientation, they are often disenfranchised from their communities on a number of levels: socio-economic, religious, and communal. Their families often reject them and sometimes no longer allow them back into the fold and community.


For immediate consideration, please email your resume and cover letter by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16th to Dr. Joel Kushner ( and Miryam Kabakov (  Please note “Intern Opportunity” in your email subject line.

Candidates selected for employment are subject to a background check.



Eshel sometimes has internship openings.  If you would like to intern with Eshel, please contact us at

We are looking for interns with the following skills and qualities:

Ability to work independently on projects as well as work collaboratively with a small staff
Excellent communication and organizational skills
Detail-oriented and conscientious
Comfortable prioritizing multiple tasks, problem solving, and being creative with limited resources
Tech savvy and lover of social media
Commitment to Eshel’s mission
Able to commit 5-10 hours a week