Join us for our Brooklyn Regional Shabbaton, in Park Slope Nov 16-17, 2012

Registration is now closed.  Please join us at our National Retreat in January.

If you have any questions you can email us.

The Shabbaton will bring together Orthodox and traditional LGBT Jews of all kinds from the NewYork area to an event aimed to create a community of support, learning, growth and leadership.

The shabbaton will include shiurim, zmiros, sessions on relevant to our lives as LGBT  frum (or formerly frum) Jews, wonderful spirited davening, delicious healthy kosher food, and plenty of time scheduled to just hang out and get to know all the members of this growing community.

We will be gathering together in our own discreet space in local synagogues for eating, davening and workshops.  Housing will be provided by local hospitality or if you prefer you may find a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast on your own.

The price is $80.

Program & Schedule

Friday, November 16, 2012

3:00pm        Arrive at Host Homes

4:00pm        Meet at Shul for Check-In

4:15pm        Candlelighting & Minḥa

4:45pm        Welcome & Icebreaker

5:30pm        Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv

6:30pm        Festive Shabbat Dinner

8:00pm        Looking Inward : Building blocks of an inclusive community

10:00pm      Oneg Shabbat

11:30pm      Laila Tov-Head back to Host Homes


Saturday, November 17. 2012

9:00am        Shaḥarit(On your own– area minyanim)

12:30pm      Meet for Shabbat Lunch

2:00pm        Workshop:“Ya’akov’s Ladder” An Experiential Text Study

3:00pm        Workshop: Yoga  or Shabbat Walk:“Tour of the Slope” 

4:00pm        Minḥa

4:25pm        Seudah Shlishit

5:45pm        Maariv

6:00pm        Havdalah

7:30pm        Open Mic Night and Pizza Party


Sunday,  November 18, 2013

Shaḥarit(On your own– area minyanim)

9:30am        Breakfast

10:30am      Workshop: Building our Community, taking the next steps

11:30am      L’hit’ra’ot-Farewells




Confidentiality Policy

We take confidentiality VERY seriously.   We come together this weekend in the spirit of trust and confidentiality. Some of us may know each other in multiple roles as friend, colleague, rabbi,  or other relationships. Some of us may still be in the ‘closet’ in parts of our outside lives. Please do not repeat what you hear someone share or who you see, here or after the weekend. Please adhere to this extra-strictly in this case. Ask yourself: “What would the Chofetz Chaim say?” If the answer you get isn’t “nothing,” you probably need to learn more Shmirat Halashon.

Questions?  Please email us at