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Transgender and Jewish in Philly?

'It's not so simple when Moshe becomes Marsha' In the last few years, the battle over transgender rights has roiled school districts, courtrooms, statehouses, and the national political stage, most recently via a Trump administration directive rolling back protections for transgender students in schools. But in the Orthodox Jewish community, where gender roles are starkly [more]

Two events in LA!

Homosexuality and Halakhah: Pragmatic, Ideal and Real Responses to the Challenge Date: Monday, February 27 Time: 8 PM Place: At the home of Dina and Michael Glouberman in Beverlywood. RSVP for address. Since the 1970’s, Orthodox gay Jews, their family members, and friends have sought sought guidance from rabbinic leadership to help them grapple with emotionally [more]
The Pledge

The Pledge

I am a gay Orthodox Jewish teen. That in and of itself may be one of the most controversial sentences in modern Jewish history, but it’s also simply my life. I daven, or pray in community, and I am part of the honors Judaic program at my school. I keep kosher, observe Shabbat, keep all [more]